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International Student Employment

International Graduate Student Employment Information

An F-1 student is legally eligible for on-campus employment with verification from their DSO (Designated School Official) in the Office of Graduate Admissions. Students may not work more than 20 hours per week during the semester, but may work up to 40 hours per week during school breaks and summers.  Off-campus employment may only be granted by U.S. Immigration under extreme financial circumstances and through the appropriate application process.  

The purpose of the Carson-Newman student employment program is to provide students an opportunity to earn money to assist with educational expenses. Carson-Newman employs over 500 students during the academic year.

Entering students who are awarded student employment (FWS) for the academic year must complete the Student Employment Application, and respond to any requests from hiring supervisors for job interviews or follow-up phone calls. Being awarded student employment (FWS) gives you priority to positions available on campus, but does not secure an available position. Students will still have to meet interview expectations of hiring supervisors.

All policies and procedures can be easily obtained by reviewing the Student Employment Handbook.

Step 1: Complete the online Student Employment Application

On-Campus Employment Application

Step 2: Notify your DSO that you are looking for employment

Step 3: Once you have a verbal agreement to be hired by someone, have your future employer complete the International Hiring Form and return this to your DSO. Your employer will also need to contact Financial Aid to verify employment.  

 International Hiring Form

Step 4: Get a letter of verifcation from your DSO to confirm your enrollment at Carson-Newman.

Step 5: Take your DSO letter of verification, passport, I-94 card, original Form I-20, and International Hiring Form to the Social Security Office to obtain your social security card.

  • Social Security Card

The United States Social Security Administration only processes applications for international students who have been offered a position of employment. When applying for a Social Security card, be aware that you will need to take the following with you:

  1. Your passport
  2. Your I-94 card (this should be in your passport)
  3. Your original I-20
  4. Letter of employment containing start date within 30 days  
  5. DSO letter of verification

**DO NOT begin working until you have received your social security card!**

If you need transportation to the Social Security Office, please contact Phyllis Hoover at phoover@cn.edu or 865-471-4805.

Please Contact your DSO Nilma Stewart for information at nstewart@cn.edu



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