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  1. Chuck Benson

    Head Coach - Men's Basketball
    P: (865)-471-3371
    E: cbenson@cn.edu
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  2. Nick Bianco

    Athletic Trainer
    P: (865)-471-2049
    E: nbianco@cn.edu
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  3. Christy Bowlin

    Head Cheerleading & Dance Coach
    P: (865)-471-4754
    E: cbowlin@cn.edu
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  4. Kelly Brock

    Assistant Athletic Trainer - Sports Medicine
    P: (865)-471-2074
    E: kbrock@cn.edu
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  5. Scott Brock

    Linebacker's Coach
    P: (865)-471-3361
    E: SBrock@cn.edu
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  6. Tatum Burstrom

    Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
    P: (865)-471-3511
    E: tburstrom@cn.edu
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  7. Brwyan Campbell

    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    P: (865)-471-3419
    E: campbell@cn.edu
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  8. KT Carter

    Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
    P: (865)-471-4151
    E: Kcarter@cn.edu
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  9. Eddie Carter '79

    Assistant Athletic Director
    P: (865)-471-3365
    E: ecarter@cn.edu
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  10. Becky Cate

    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    P: (865)-471-4846
    E: bcate@cn.edu
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  11. Adam Cavalier

    Director of Athletic Communications/Voice of the Eagles
    P: (865)-471-3367 or (865)-471-3513
    E: acavalier@cn.edu
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  12. Mike Clowney

    Head Football Coach
    P: (865)-471-3571
    E: mclowney@cn.edu
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  13. John Cryder

    Assistant Coach / Tight Ends Coach - Football
    P: (865)-471-3363
    E: jcryder@cn.edu
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  14. Kevin Day

    Assistant Coach / Offensive Line Coach - Football
    P: (865)-471-2075
    E: kday@cn.edu
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  15. Jordan DeFilippo

    Game Day Operations/Special Events Coordinator
    P: (865) 471-3396
    E: JDeFilippo@cn.edu
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  16. Simon Duffy

    Head Coach - Women's Soccer
    P: (865)-471-3520
    E: sduffy@cn.edu
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  17. Jim Frederick

    Tennis Coach - Women's & Men's
    P: (865)-471-3367
    E: jfrederick@cn.edu
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  18. Antonio Derrell Goss

    Defensive Back Coach/Special Teams Coordinator
    P: 865-471-3504
    E: agoss@cn.edu
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  19. Michael Graves

    Head Coach - Softball
    P: (865) 471-3424
    E: mgraves@cn.edu
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  20. Tom Griffin

    Head Coach - Baseball
    P: 865-471-3465
    E: tgriffin@cn.edu
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  21. Erin Grimsley

    Athletic Trainer
    P: (865) 471-7155
    E: egrimsley@cn.edu
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  22. Johnny Long

    Director of Sports Performance
    P: (865)-471-2072
    E: JOLong@cn.edu
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  23. Stephen Lyons

    Head Coach - Men's Soccer
    P: (865) 471-4262
    E: slyons@cn.edu
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  24. Sherry Manning

    Administrative Assistant - Athletics
    P: (865)-471-3469
    E: smanning@cn.edu
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  25. Brea McConnell

    Marketing and Fan Engagement Coordinator
    E: bmcconnell@cn.edu
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  26. Mike Mincey

    Head Coach - Women's Basketball
    P: (865)-471-3366
    E: mmincey@cn.edu
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  27. David Needs

    Director of Track and Cross Country
    P: (865)-471-3360
    E: dneeds@cn.edu
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  28. Claudia Pope

    Athletic Insurance Coordinator
    P: (865) 471-3359
    E: CPope@cn.edu
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  29. Matthew Pope

    Vice President & Director of Athletics
    P: (865)-471-3372
    E: Mpope@cn.edu
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  30. Paula Reagon

    Administrative Assistant - Football
    P: (865)-471-3466
    E: pyokley@cn.edu
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  31. Dan Redding

    Asistant Football Coach
    P: 865-471-3398
    E: dredding@cn.edu
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  32. Brandon Roberts

    Assistant Coach - Baseball
    P: 865-471-3526
    E: baroberts@cn.edu
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  33. Hunter Sales

    Head Coach - Eagle Anglers
    P: (865)-471-4157
    E: Jsales@cn.edu
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  34. Sam Savell

    Director of Eagle Club
    P: (865) 471-3512
    E: ssavell@cn.edu
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  35. Jill Seals 82'

    Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Athletics
    P: (865) 471-4822
    E: Jseals@cn.edu
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  36. Larry Slade

    Assistant Coach/ Defensive Coordinator - Football
    P: 865-471-3403
    E: lslade@cn.edu
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  37. Tyler Stepp

    Associate Director of Track and Cross Country
    P: (865)-471-3454
    E: tstepp@cn.edu
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  38. Suzanne Strudwick

    SWA, Head Coach
    P: (865) 471-4983
    E: sstrudwick@cn.edu
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  39. Jordan Taylor

    Head Coach - Men's and Women's Swimming
    P: 865-471-4821
    E: jtaylor@cn.edu
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  40. Ashley Tiernan

    Head Coach – Volleyball
    P: (865) 471-4813
    E: ATiernan@cn.edu
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  41. Kristen Toppel

    Assistant Softball Coach
    P: (865)-471-4289
    E: kmtoppel@cn.edu
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  42. Robert Trentham

    NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative and Professor of Biology
    P: 865-471-3253
    E: btrentham@cn.edu
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  43. Josh Turner

    Assistant Coach / Offensive Line - Football
    P: (865)-471-3369
    E: jturner@cn.edu
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  44. Mike Van Bruggen

    Head Athletic Trainer; Director of Sports Medicine
    P: (865)-471-3368
    E: mvanbruggen@cn.edu
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  45. Randy Wylie

    Head Coach - Men's Golf
    P: (865)-471-3370
    E: rwylie@cn.edu
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