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 This page is provided so you can access the forms needed for Army ROTC.  You will need Excel and Adobe to open all the forms.


Cadet Command Forms

CC Form 104-R:  Planned Academic Worksheet

 CC Form 132-R: Statement of understanding (Dependency)

CC Form 136-R: Briefing on Government Sponsored Benefits for ROTC

CC Form 137-R: Authorization for Student Records

CC Form 139-R: Cadet Enrollment Record

CC Form 167-R: Scholarship Acceptance/PMS Validation

CC Form 202-R: GRFD Non-Scholarship Coadet Endorsement

CC Form 203-R: GRFD Scholarship Cadet Contract Endorsement

CC Form 204-R: Revocation of GRFD Scholarship Contract Endorsement

CC Form 226-R: Request for Conversion to Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty

CC Form 227-R: Request for GFRD Control Number

Department of Defense Forms

DD Form 93: Record of Emergency Data

DD Form 369: Police Record Check

DD Form 2005: Privacy Act Statement

DD Form 2058: State of Legal Residence Certificate

DD Form 2351: DoDMERB Report of Medical Examination

DD Form 2492: DoDMERB Report of Medical History

Departement of Army Forms

DA Form 597: AROTC Non-Scholarship Contract

DA Form 597-1: Acknowledgement of Understanding/2yr Non-Scholarship

DA Form 597-3: ROTC Scholarship Contract

DA Form 4824-R: Addendum to Certificate and Acknowledgement of Service Requirements for all US Army Reserve Personnel Applying for Particapation in ROTC SMP

DA Form 3425-R: Medical Fitness Statement

NGB Forms

NGB Form 594-1:  Annex to DD Form 4/DA Form 4836-SMP Agreement ARNG

NGB Form 5435-1-R: Supplemental to DD Form 4 - Statement of Understanding


SGLV 8286: Serviceman's Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate

SF 86: Worksheet, Personnel Security Questionnaire

SF 1199A: Direct Deposit Sigh Up Form

W-4: Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate


Below is is a list of other documentation that must be provided prior to contracting.

Birth Certificate

Proof of Citizenship

Current Shot Record

All Transcripts

Blood type


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