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2LT Lindsay Adler, CN Graduate May 2009

CNC's nursing program provided me with the individual instruction and close knit relationships that I needed to foster my education. Over the past four years I have developed strong professional friendships with many of my nursing professors and have been able to grow professionally and personally through their advice and experiences.

The individual instruction I received made me feel like my performance was a top priority and that someone cared about me inside and outside the classroom. The clinical instructors are of the highest caliber and are equally competent to help you with the rigors experienced in the clinical environment. The curriculum prepares you fully for every obstacle, and even though it can be stressful, it best prepares you for your NCLEX certification. On a more personal note, CNC nursing has been one of the most challenging academic programs I have ever encountered, but it was worth every moment. I have never felt so accomplished or more proud of myself than I did on the day I graduated. I can honestly say I would do it all over again. I loved my professors, my classmates, and Carson-Newman. I am very excited about my future career as an Army Nurse and all the opportunities that will come my way.

1LT Devan Hensley, FA- 2018 C-N Graduate

1LT Hensley & fellow C-N grad 1LT TerrellThe only word that I use to describe Carson Newman and its ROTC program is outstanding. The environment that we learned in is what shaped me into the leader I am today. LTC Howe and MSG Ross are still to this day two of the best leaders that I have ever worked with. They understood what it takes to be successful as an Army officer, and fortunately we got to hear both sides of the story from an NCO and Officer. Even though C-N ROTC prepped me for everything they could think off, the best lesson I ever learned was from MSG Ross. He said don't make it about the Officer Evaluation Report or making the commander happy, make it about the soldiers you lead. Those words really stuck with me. If you take care of your soldiers, they will go to the end of the earth and back for you. Since my graduation and commissioning 

in May 2018, I have had the pleasure to be a Field Artillery Officer, arguably the best branch in the Army. I went to Fort Sill for 5 months for FA BOLC.

 After BOLC I went to Fort Drum, NY and went to my first unit, 3rd Battalion 6th Field Artillery Regiment Centaurs, the oldest artillery unit in the Army currently. Since my time as a Centaur, I have been to countless multi-week field problems, 2 Joint Readiness Training Center Rotations, and one deployment to Afghanistan as a platoon leader. I can't say that everything I have done has been easy but looking back I can guarantee it is the best job I've ever had.  "GO EAGLES!"


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