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Admission Information

To apply for admission to the English Language Institute (ELI), please provide the following:

After receipt of the above information, a letter of acceptance along with additional information will be mailed to the applicant. After exiting the ELI and successfully completing the first semester out of the ELI with grades of C or better, students will receive 12 semester hours of undergraduate foreign language credit for ELI study.

For more information about the ELI, please contact:

English Language Institute
Attn: Barry Clark
C-N Box 71953
Jefferson City, Tennessee 37760
Telephone: (865) 471-3543
Fax: (865) 471-4748
E-mail: bclark@cn.edu

For application information, please contact:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Attn: Nilma Stewart
C-N Box 72025
Jefferson City, Tennessee 37760
Telephone:(865) 471-3230
Fax: (865) 471-4817
E-mail: nstewart@cn.edu

or go to C-N Admissions

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