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Articulation Agreements

Southwest Baptist University
Carson-Newman University and the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO, have established an articulation agreement whereby C-N students who complete the baccalaureate degree in any major and meet the minimum eligibility requirements for admission into the DPT at SBU will automatically receive preference points and be eligible for the interview phase of the selection process. The specific admission requirements can be obtained from an HPAC pre-PT adviser or at the SBU website: http://www.sbuniv.edu/PT/Admissions-Process.htm

University of St. Augustine
Carson-Newman is a participating institution in the Ambassador Program involving the Doctor of Physical Therapy (www.usa.edu) and both the Master and Doctor of Occupational Therapy at the University of St. Augustine (FL). Students who meet all requirements for admission (see listed websites) at St. Augustine and all local requirements at Carson-Newman will gain preferred admission status. Students are expected to work closely with their HPAC Advisor and to identify their desire to participate in the Ambassador Program to the Director of Health Pre-Professions as soon as possible but before the start of their junior year.

Financial Aid is available: Students enrolled full-time in the certificate program may be eligible for loans and financial aid. Please contact our Financial Aid Office at (865-471-3247)

Pre-Pharmacy Options

NO C-N DEGREE - A student can study at C-N for a minimum of 2 years to complete the professional school entry requirements. The student will take the PCAT and gain admission to the professional school during their second year. Thus this option would consist of 2 + 4 = 6 total years for the Pharm.D. degree. Note that the general education requirements (such as 2 semesters of foreign language and religion) are not necessarily requirements since a C-N degree is not awarded.

4-YEAR C-N DEGREE - A student can stay at C-N for the normal 4 years to obtain an undergraduate degree in any area of their choice. Care must be taken to include all required courses for the professional school. Thus this option would consist of 4 + 4 = 8 total years for the Pharm.D. degree. General education, C-N residency, and departmental major requirements must of course be met.

BINARY 3+1 DEGREE - Carson-Newman University has agreed to accept the first year of an accredited pharmacy school toward the BA degree in either biology or chemistry. Students will complete 3 years at C-N (minimum 96 semester hours) and one year (minimum 32 semester hours with a C average) at the professional pharmacy school. Students are expected to complete the basic general education requirements for the BA degree, to satisfy C-N residency requirements, and to satisfy departmental requirements. Special precaution should be taken to avoid duplication of courses such as biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, and anatomy and physiology which are normally taken during the first year at some pharmacy schools. The PCAT exam should be taken prior to application for admissions to pharmacy school when required.

Pre-Physical Therapy Options

BA DEGREE BEFORE ENTRANCE - Most PT programs require students to have earned the BA/BS degree before entrance. Students in this track should plan to graduate from C-N with a suggested major in biology, psychology, or exercise science.

NO BA DEGREE - A few PT programs accept students after 3 years of undergraduate work and award the MS in PT after completion of an additional 3 years of professional school. Pre-PT students in this track never earn a BA/BS degree and need only satisfy the admission requirements and gain admission to one of these PT programs (i.e. UT-Memphis, UT-Chattanooga).

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