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Why C-N Health Pre-Professions?

The Health Pre-Professional Advising Committee (HPAC) would like to emphasize to prospective students our attempts to give Carson-Newman students a competitive edge in the admissions process to professional school. Over the past several years the number of applicants to health professional schools has dramatically increased thus making it more difficult to gain admissions. Outlined below are our efforts related to advising, experience in the career area, the interview process, the letter of recommendation, and practice on national exams. Over the years C-N students have been relatively successful in gaining admission to professional schools. However, raw numbers and statistics related to acceptances can be deceiving and subject to misinterpretation. In most cases success depends upon the determination of the individual student, their dedication to their future career, and their willingness to utilize resources at their disposal.

ADVISING: The HPAC is composed of a director, a secretary, and 10 faculty advisors. All HP students are advised by a specified HP faculty advisor who is knowledgeable with their individual career area.

PLANNING: All HP students must take a one hour course, ID 208, before their HP interview. This course introduces new HP students to the C-N HP process and focuses on various aspects of career planning such as the interview, the GPA, the personal statement, and the curriculum. This course is best taken in the fall of the first year at C-N.

CAREER EXPERIENCE: The HPAC feels that before a student can make an educated decision on a career in the health professions, the student should have significant direct exposure to the specific area of interest. All HP students must have career experience before coming for the HP interview. This exposure can be gained by obtaining a job, by volunteering, or by taking our Hospital Externship Course (CHEM 308).

INTERVIEW: All HP students come before the HPAC for an interview prior to application to professional school. The interview is videotaped and critiqued by members of our committee. We try to provide a realistic practice session and polish for C-N students before the professional school interview. We attempt to have at least one practicing health professional at each of the interview sessions. A workshop on the short interview is conducted each fall for our HP students.

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: A Committee composite letter of recommendation is constructed for each HP student following the interview process. It is sent out at the request of the HP student to the schools to which they are applying.

PRACTICE MCAT: Computerized practice MCAT exams are administered to interested pre-med students in the first half of each spring semester. The tests are scored and follow up sessions are held to interpret the results and review problem areas. Analysis indicates that in most cases some improvement results when the practice scores are compared to the real MCAT scores.

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