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Current Honors Students

Greetings Honorable students:

On this page you will find the Honors Handbook, your (nearly) complete guide to processes, policies and procedures of Carson-Newman's nationally recognized Honors Program.  The first class to enroll in Honors in 1963 has members who remain actively involved in enriching this program into a bright future.  We proudly operate one of the most mature, extensive, and effective programs in the country for a college of our size.  Your standing as a Carson-Newman Honors student puts you in the ranks of nationally acclaimed scholars, physicians, teachers, pastors, non-profit leaders, attorneys, nurses, musicians, artists, etc. etc.  This program is designed and equipped to nurture the dreams and aspirations that will make you all that you can be.

Click the link below for a wide variety of information about your wide-ranging program.  The table of contents in the Handbook is linked to each section, so scroll to your area of interest and click on it.

Honors Program Handbook

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