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Prospective Honors Students

About the Honors Program

The Honors program is a unique opportunity for gifted students to enhance their entire undergraduate experience at Carson-Newman. As an honors student, you’ll participate in stimulating classroom discussions with other exceptional learners, guided by professors who will push you to sharpen your research skills, improve your ability to reason and analyze, increase your effectiveness as a writer, and boost your confidence in evaluating your own academic strengths and weaknesses. You’ll enjoy team-taught interdisciplinary classes that are permeated with penetrating questions and animated discussions. You’ll travel to regional cultural events with other honors students and engage in conversations about those events with Carson-Newman professors. You’ll become a part of a gifted community of learners dedicated to a rigorous pursuit of the ideals expressed on Carson-Newman’s seal: Truth, Beauty and Goodness. If all of this sounds good to you, please read more about applying to the Honors Program.

Honors Weekend

Prospective students with scores of 28 and above on the ACT or composite scores of 1310 and above on the math and critical reading portions of the SAT combined with a minimum High School GPA of 3.65 are invited to participate in the Honors Weekend Scholarship Competition. Honors Weekend is typically held on the first Friday and Saturday of February each year. Students compete for scholarship awards given in addition to regular C-N merit awards. Several top finishers will be awarded the prestigious Honors Premier scholarship--a full tuition honors scholarship. The decisions about scholarship awards given through Honors Weekend are based on each student’s standardized test scores, high school GPA, extracurricular involvement, essay, and personal interviews.  If you meet the GPA and ACT/SAT requirements, you will be invited to attend the Honors Scholarship Competition February 6, 2021.

We plan Honors Weekend to give students and their parents the best possible opportunity to experience Carson-Newman. Each participant will have the opportunity to talk individually with a current faculty member and an alumnus. Participants can spend the night with a current honors student and attend a mixer with current C-N students at the Honors House. The President, Provost, and top administrators attend a dinner with the participants and their parents on Friday night and there are special question and answer sessions for parents dealing with the admissions, financial aid, the Honors Program, and the scholarship competition.

Why should you seek to be a part of the Carson-Newman honors program?

The Honors Program exists to provide a unique series of classes and experiences for the academically capable and intellectually curious. We’ve created a program designed to place you in the middle of a community of learners dedicated to intellectual and spiritual inquiry and have done so in the heart of a Christian liberal arts university where community and fellowship are an essential part of the university experience. We believe the Honors Program provides students with the very best education possible at C-N and we are looking for students who are interested in making the most of their educational opportunities.

Want to see more details of how it works?  Then check out the Honors Student Handbook (Table of Contents is hyperlinked to the text, so scroll and click).

Honors Program Handbook

With all of that said, we thought you might like hearing from some of our current students about it, so we recently asked the question, “Why should someone join the Honors Program?” Here are a few of their answers.

“Joining the honors program is not just about an intelligence level, it is more about a willingness to challenge oneself.” --Keith H.

"I have greatly benefited from the close-knit honors community: my honors classes have been the best; the upperclassmen have given me endless advice; and I have become quick friends with my fellow freshmen honors students. Joining the Honors Program was, I believe, one of the best choices I could have made for my freshman year." --Melissa M.

“The honors program at CN is more like a family than anything else. Through my honors classes, I've been challenged in ways that I never even thought possible. I feel that even after only being a part of the honors program for a short time, I have learned more about myself than I did throughout the rest of my life.” --Carey H.

“The Honors Program introduces you to new experiences and life-long friends. If you want to broaden your horizons and continue to be challenged in classes, this program is the perfect opportunity to do just that! “ --Emily S.

“Also, the Honors House is just way cool. It's awesome to go from having a conversation about English classes C-N offers while typing up Biology notes to taking a break and being pulled into an episode of CSI, a Julia Styles movie, or a game of Battle of the Sexes. I think there's more fun to be had in those four rooms (because we gather in the kitchen too!) than there is in all of my hometown.” --Brett R.

“Eligible students should join the honors program for the privilege to 1. Crash at the honors house. 2. Get lots of free food 3. Have very academic sounding discussions about existentialism or post-modernity 4. Get into a wisecracking comment competition with Dr. H. “ Jason M.

"Only in the Honors House can someone walk in and see students playing video games, devouring food, and discussing the ontological proof of God's existence... all at the same time. That's why the Honors program is so excellent." --Shannon K


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