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Academic Preparation

There is no one major or prescribed course of study required for admission to law school. Instead, students are encouraged to take the most intellectually demanding courses with the most demanding professors. Courses that encourage critical thinking, the development of strong communication skills (both written and oral), analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension will help students develop the necessary skills needed for success in law school. Pre-law advisors can help students in selecting appropriate courses to develop those skills. Choose a major that interests you and supplement that coursework with other classes that will help you prepare for law school.

Law school admissions committees base approximately 75% of their admissions decision on the student’s undergraduate g.p.a. and LSAT score; however, they also consider other factors such as extracurricular activities, community involvement, and employment history. Thus, while academic preparation is important, law schools are also looking for well-rounded students who will make a positive contribution to their institution.

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