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Choosing a Legal Career

Law school graduates pursue a variety of career paths leading to jobs in business, government, and higher education among others. Students contemplating a legal career should understand their own motivations as the law is a rigorous field of study. Even the application process is not for the faint of heart! In order to determine whether a legal career is right for you, there are a number of different ways to explore the field of law and determine whether law school is right for you.

  1. Set up an appointment with a CN pre-law advisor.
  2. Take PSC 105 Intro to the Legal Profession. It's a one hour course that will guide you through the admissions process and will allow you to meet a variety of legal professionals (law students, attorneys, judges). This course is offered during the fall semester of odd years, i.e. 2019, 2021, etc.
  3. Explore career options through the Carson-Newman Student Success Center (located in the library).
  4. Intern with a law firm or in a law-related field.
  5. Sit in on a class at the University of Tennessee College of Law.
    Please contact their Admissions office first.
  6. Read One L by Scott Turow; an insider’s account of his first year at Harvard Law School.
  7. Join the Carson-Newman Pre-Law Society. This group hosts guest speakers and participates in the AMC3 Moot Court challenge.

The following resources are also useful:

The Law School Admissions Council

Villanova Law School Advising Program

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