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A Carson-Newman email account using Microsoft Exchange/Outlook is created for all full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff. This is an official form of communication and all employees are expected to log into their Carson-Newman email account regularly and keep it active by keeping its contents within the usage limits. 

How to Access

  • Outlook Client which comes with the Microsoft Office suite for Windows or Mac. 

  • Outlook Web Access is available through any Internet browser and can be reached three ways:

User name

The employee's user name is determined by their official name on file with human resources.  The user name is automatically set to the first initial and last name of the employee. 
example:  Jill Sue Smith's user name would be jsmith@cn.edu
If there is a duplicate username already in use your user name may be different.


The email password is the same as used to log into the C-N network, C-N Online/e360, and EagleNet.  It is initially set to the last 6 digits of the employee's social security number. 

Your user name and password combination are what authenticates you on the Carson-Newman network and resources.  In effect this is your Carson-Newman online "identity" for several resources.  You are required to change this password every 6 months. New passwords cannot contain similiar information as the previous password.  New passwords should follow strong password guidelines:

  • Contain both upper and lower case characters (e.g., a-z, A-Z)
  • Have digits and punctuation characters as well as letters e.g., 0-9, !@#$%^&*()_+|~-='{}[]:";'<>?,./)
  • Are at least eight alphanumeric characters long
  • Are not a word in any language
  • Are not based on personal information

Confidential Information

It is in violation of Carson-Newman policies for any user of official email addresses to:

  • Send personally identifying information via email.  Examples:  social security numbers, No personally identifying information, credit or debit card numbers, security or access codes.
  • Impersonate another Carson-Newman office, faculty/staff member, or student via an others email address.


Whenever possible avoid transmitting sensitive data in email.  Although all steps have been taken to keep email secure including password protection and policies against unauthorized access: Do Not Assume Email is Confidential. Once you send an email there is no control of how the email may be forwarded or otherwise copied. 

Email Storage Limits

Employee email storage space is limited to holding 1.2 Gigabytes.  This includes the total size of all mail in all of your folders on the email server.  This is plenty of space for many, many messages unless you receive large attachments which can take up your space in a hurry.  Warnings and Closure happens:

  • At 1.0 Gb a warning email is set that the mailbox is reaching capacity
  • At 1.1 Gb sending of messages will be suspended
  • At 1.2 Gb the mailbox will no longer be able to receive mail

Email Sending/Receiving Restrictions

  • Emails containing known viruses are automatically blocked
  • Emails containing file attachments with the extensions: .exe .bat .cmd .vbs .com .scr .pif .dll .ccpl .hta .zip are blocked for security reasons. 
  • Email over 9.9MB cannot be sent or received.  This is an industry standard restriction.
  • Number of Emails Sent per Hour
    There is a limit in terms of how many emails may be sent per hour from any one account.  This limit is 200 per hour.
  • Number of Addresses per Email
    No one email may contain more than 99 outside addresses.  This is to prevent other email systems from blacklisting the Carson-Newman domain as a SPAM sender
  • Carson-Newman Internal Mass Electronic Communications Policy

Deactivation/Termination of Email Account

An employee email account is marked for deactivation 90 days after an employee's last day of employment with Carson-Newman.  Retired employees who will continue to work as adjunct faculty, part-time staff, or research faculty will need their chair or supervisor to complete an extension of email form and file with Information Technology.

If Carson-Newman terminates an employee, the email account is deactivated immediately.

Information Technology Services Help Desk
Room 300, FITE Administration Building
email: ithelpdesk@cn.edu | phone: 865-471-3506
Carson-Newman University

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