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Internal Mass Electronic Communication Policy

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Internal Mass Electronic Communication Policy – Effective 1/1/2010

Mass Email for Announcements of Events, Notices, and Non-Emergency Messages will be sent as Daily summaries to appropriate groups.  All messages which will be linked to full text on EagleNet should the recipient choose to read further.

To Send a daily summary email either send an email using one of these addresses OR post directly to the individual announcement boards on EagleNet.  Only authorized Carson-Newman email accounts can send to these addresses.  No outside email address can send to these groups.

This is an AUTOMATED summary. Your e-mail will immediately be posted to EagleNet.

  • A daily summary will arrive in C-N members respective e-mail inbox between 3:00 and 4:00 each afternoon.
  • Students can submit to student daily summaries only.
  • Faculty and Staff can submit to student, faculty or staff summaries.
  • You may NOT opt out of the daily summaries.
  • Faculty and Staff may opt in for a daily summary of student announcements if they choose.

EagleNet Announcements

  • ALL announcements are to be posted on EagleNet, including EMERGENCY (Urgent) announcements. This may be done via email for general and emergency announcements.
  • For-Sale postings will only be located on EagleNet. The seller must post directly on EagleNet.
  • Electronic communication that violates college policies and/or local, state, or federal laws and regulations is prohibited. We reserve the right to delete messages that are deemed abusive, libelous, defamatory, and profane or contain hate speech, violate a
    third party’s right to privacy or are otherwise unacceptable.

Emergency (Urgent) Communications

  • All immediate mass emails with full text will be reserved for *emergency or urgent messages which cannot and should not wait until the following daily summary.
  • All immediate will also be posted to the appropriate EagleNet announcement board.
  • Immediate mass email will be used to send the urgent and emergency messages by:
    • The Office of the President
    • Office of the Executive Vice President
    • Office of the Provost
    • Office of Student Affairs
    • Security
    • Information Technology Help Desk
    • Carson-Newman Maintenance

The office sending the immediate e-mail will also send a copy to EagleNet announcement boards, providing the greatest coverage for emergency communication.

What is and Emergency (Urgent) Communication?

Emergency or urgent need is defined as circumstances under which the appropriate college officer reasonably believes that notification of the college community, or a substantial subset, communicated over the space of several hours, will reduce the risk of personal harm, property damage, or severe negative impact on C-N operations.

Emergency Text Messages

The e2Campus text messaging system (cell phones) would be used for only emergency purposes, including disaster alerts and notification of an excessive interruption of the other two modes of communication.

External Mass Communication is available to some offices. Please contact ithelpdesk@cn.edu for more information.


Information Technology Services Help Desk
Room 300, FITE Administration Building
email: ithelpdesk@cn.edu | phone: 865-471-3506
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