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Helen Topping Miller

Helen Topping Miller was born December 8, 1884 in Fenton, Michigan, the eldest of eight children. Under the influence of her literary mother she began writing children’s stories for St. Nicholas Magazine when she was fifteen. She went on to attend Michigan State College and graduated in 1905.

She taught for two years in rural and city schools before her family moved to Fremont, Ohio. In 1908 they moved to Morristown, Tennessee. Two years later on June 16, 1910, she married Frank Roger Miller, the owner of a newspaper and later executive of the United States Chamber of Commerce.

In 1918 the Millers moved to Macon, Georgia and over the following years Helen began to write the first of 11 serial stories that were published in a variety of national magazines including The Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping and McCall’s. During this time she also taught modern fiction writing at Mercer University.

Beginning in1924 the Millers made the first of several moves that included Asheville, Washington, and Dallas. In 1939 they bought an antebellum mansion built around 1857 in Talbott, Tennessee named the Watkins-Witt House. It was used by both the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War as a command post and hospital. Confederate General James Longstreet was among its guests for a night. Mrs. Miller named it “ArrowHill” for the mountain retreat she and her husband had owned in Asheville. One of her historical Christmas stories entitled "No Tears For Christmas" is based on the 1863 holiday at ArrowHill. Though her husband died in 1944, she would live there until 1958.

During her lifetime Mrs. Miller wrote over 300 short stories and more than 40 books, mostly historical romance in nature and many dealing with the Reconstruction period in the South. Her children’s books include a Christmas series with such titles as Christmas at Monticello With Thomas Jefferson, Christmas at Mount Vernon With George and Martha Washington, and Christmas With Robert E. Lee. She has been quoted as saying, “To me the unchanging loveliness of the holy days is proof of the unchanging love of God.”

Helen Topping Miller died on February 4, 1960 at age seventy-five and is buried in Morristown, Tennessee.

Helen Topping Miller Collection:

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After the Glory T F M614af
April to Remember T F M614ap
Blue Marigolds T F M614b
Born Strangers T F M614b
Cameo T F M614c
Candle in the Morning T F M614ca
A Century of Service X
Christmas at Monticello T F M614ch
Christmas at Mount Vernon T F M614ch3
Christmas at Sagamore Hill T F M614ch5
Christmas for Tad T F M614ch4
Christmas with Robert E. Lee T F M614ch2
Dark Lightning T F M614d
Dark Sails T F M614da
Desperate Angel T F M614de
Flame Vine T F M614fl
The Flaming Gahagans T F M614f
Hawk in the Wind X
Her Christmas at the Hermitage T F M614h
Hollow Silver T F M614ho
The Horns of Capricorn T F M614ho
Hunter’s Moon T F M614hu
Last Lover T F M614la
Let Me Die Tuesday X
The Long Shadow X
Love Comes Last T F M614lo
A Man Ten Feet Tall T F M614ma
Mirage T F M614mi
The Mulberry Bush T F M614mu
Never Another Moon T F M614ne
Next to My Heart T F M614nex
Nightshade T F M614n
No Tears for Christmas T F M614no
The Proud Young Thing T F M614pr
Rebellion Road T F M614r
Sharon X
Sheridan Road T F M614sh
Shod With Flame T F M614sho
Sing One Song T F M614si
Slow Dies the Thunder T F M614sl
Song After Midnight T F M614son
The Sound of Chariots T F M614so
Splendor of Eagles T F M614s
Spotlight T F M614sp
Storm over Eden T F M614st
The Tall Ships X
Trumpet in the City T F M614t
We Have Given our Hearts Away T F M614we
When a Girl’s in Love T F M614w
Whispering River T F M614wh
Who is This Girl? X
Wicked Sister T F M614wic
Wild Lilac T F M614wi
Witch Water T F M614wit

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