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T. B. Maston

Used courtesy of Dr. Paul D. Brewer, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion (1958-1995)

T. B. MastonFrom 1922-1963, Dr. Maston was professor of Christian ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

A native of New Market, TN, Dr. Maston was born in Jefferson County on November 26, 1897. He graduated from Carson-Newman in 1920 with a bachelor of arts degree and was awarded an honorary doctor of letters (Litt.D.) by C-N in 1958. The honorary doctorate from his alma mater came in the midst of an exceptionally prolific and influential lifetime as teacher, writer and denominational “conscience” among Southern Baptists.

Following graduation from Carson-Newman, Maston attended Southwestern Seminary receiving a master of religious education degree in 1923 and the doctorate in religious education in 1925. Further study produced the master of arts degree from Texas Christian University in 1927 and a doctor of philosophy degree in 1939 from Yale University. Later Maston also studied at the University of North Carolina and the University of Chicago.

As professor at Southwestern Seminary for over 40 years, he influenced deeply the lives of thousands of ministers. His mentorship is directly traceable in the lives of men like Bill Moyers, PBS journalist; Foy Valentine, former executive secretary of the Christian Life Commission; Jimmy Allen, former SBC president; James Dunn, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs; Bill Pinson, executive director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas; Guy Greenfield and Bill Tillman, ethics professors at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Maston produced scores of articles and wrote 23 books in the area of Christian ethics and Christian development.

True to the Baptist heritage of matching Bible-centered beliefs and Christ-honoring behavior, Maston led in the movement among Southern Baptists for racial desegregation. Writing on the subject as early as 1927, Maston published two books in 1959 urging Baptists toward integration as the proper Christian stance. One of Dr. Maston’s favorite scriptures was 1 John 2:6 – “He who says he abides in Him ought to walk in the same way in which He walked.” And until his death in Fort Worth on May 2, 1988, T. B. Maston always challenged himself and others in the Baptist tradition to live out an authentically Christ-like ethic.

In the lectures named for him and sponsored by the Center for Baptist Studies Steeple Committee, Carson-Newman University celebrates the life of Dr. T. B. Maston – genuine human being, authentic Baptist, and devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

T. B. Maston Lecture Speakers

  • 1990 Bill J. Leonard
  • 1991 Leon McBeth
  • 1992 Walter Shurden (*Spring ’92)
  • 1992 Scott Walker (*Fall ’92)
  • 1993 (None)
  • 1994 Sarah Frances Anders
  • 1995 William M. Pinson, Jr.
  • 1996 Fred Anderson
  • 1997 Will D. Campbell
  • 1998 Anthony Campolo
  • 1999 Dennis Covington
  • 2000 Bill J. Leonard
  • 2001 John Porter
  • 2002 Michael Eric Dyson (canceled)
  • 2003 Calvin O. Butts
  • 2004 J. Brent Walker
  • 2005 Fisher Humphreys
  • 2006 Nancy Ammerman
  • 2007 Tony Campolo
  • 2008 David Gushee
  • 2009 Paul Rauschenbush
  • 2010 John Tarpley
  • 2011 Brian Harris
  • 2012 Karen Bullock

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