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General Rules

  • Any request to use Special Collections’ materials must go through the Archivist or authorized library staff.
  • All materials are non-circulating.
  • All materials must be used either in the Treasure Room or the Baptist Archives’ study area.
  • If copies are needed, the Archivist or authorized library staff will make them. Copies are 10 cents a page. Checks are accepted and are to be made out to “Carson-Newman Library.” The Archivist reserves the right to refuse photocopying in cases where damage may occur to materials or due to possible restrictions. (In cases where copies are sent by mail, patrons are asked to also pay postage as it appears on the envelope).
  • Due to their sensitive nature, restrictions may apply to the availability of some materials.
  • The responsibility for obtaining permission to publish in part or in whole from any collection is the patron’s responsibility. Carson-Newman University is not responsible for any copyright infringement.
  • Each patron is asked to fill out a Researcher Registration form in order to assist the Archivist with reference inquiries.
  • Patrons are asked to use pencils rather than pens when working with Special Collections’ material.
  • Donations are always gratefully accepted depending upon the Archivist’s appraisal of materials. Donors are respectfully asked to sign a donor form.
  • Food or drink is not allowed in the Special Collections.

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