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Mulitimedia Acquisitions

Funds budgeted for library acquisitions are intended for the purpose of building the library's collections. In recognition of the multimedia nature of contemporary library collections, library allocations to academic departments (traditionally known as the departmental "book" budgets) may be expended for non-book purchases. The following guidelines should be observed:

  • Books continue to form the primary, "core," collection of the library. Departments may not wholly exclude the purchase of books with their allocations. When collections needs are noted, the Director of Library Services may reserve a percentage of a given department’s allocation for the purchase of books to return balance to the overall book collection.
  • Non-book materials are purchased for community use in the Stephens-Burnett Library. In cases where the library fund is used to purchase non-book items, the master copy shall be cataloged and made available for general use in the Stephens-Burnett Library. Succinctly stated, library purchases must be incorporated into the main library collections and may not be retained in academic departments, except as provided by library circulation policies. Computer software or services may be purchased or contracted by the library for campus-wide access through the computer network.
  • Appropriate copyright laws will be followed in all cases and will be posted publicly. Faculty, students, administration, and staff will be informed of pertinent copyright issues through the library website.
  • The Library/Media Center staff will assist faculty, administration, and staff in the acquisition and use of all forms of prepared media(2) (other than computer software) which are practical for our campus setting.
  • The Library/Media Center staff will supervise the prudent use of new technologies to improve the accessibility of prepared media(3) (other than computer software).

(1) Formerly "New Library Acquisitions Policy"
(2) The Media Center has some audio and video production capability, but this policy is focused on library acquisitions.
(3) The Library/Media Center is not staffed or funded to assist with the development, acquisition or implementation of computer software, except as it relates to accessing information databases. It is assumed this area of Educational Technology is outside the library mission and may be reserved to Academic Computing.

Adopted: September 27, 1990 Library Committee
Reviewed and modified: January 21, 1998 Library Personnel
Reviewed and approved April 16, 1998 Library Committee
Updated: March 3, 2003 Library Personnel

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