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Periodical Acquisitions

A core collection of periodical resources shall be maintained from the general library periodicals budget. Evaluation of these resources will be ongoing and include consideration of curriculum support, journal cost, availability of alternate formats, space, use of the journal title, indexing availability and inclusion of the title in standard core lists such as Katz’s Magazines for Libraries. The Director of Library Services, Periodicals Librarian, and library faculty liaisons will work with teaching faculty to ensure this process.

Response to faculty requests for journal additions/deletions from the general periodicals budget will be based on the above factors. Faculty may also request journal title additions from funding received from departmental allocations. As ongoing evaluation continues, factors such as heavy use or severe price increase may result in a title being shifted to the library periodicals budget or, vice versa, into departmental allocations. The latter would be considered if evaluation indicated a more specialized use and the department faculty want continued access. Space resources and the continued increase in publishing costs will have continual impact on this collection.

The library subscribes to the electronic databases provided by JSTOR, an independent not-for-profit organization established in 1995, which provides full-text and bibliographic information for many scholarly journals from the first issue. Because of the stability and comprehensiveness of the JSTOR collection, the Carson-Newman Library will weed paper issues as they become available on JSTOR. The print issues will be kept in storage for a period of time prior to being discarded, although they will not be in the library’s catalog.

Reviewed and modified: January 21, 1998 Library Personnel
Reviewed and approved: April 16, 1998 Library Committee
Updated: March 3, 2003 Library Personnel

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