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Borrowing Limits and Periods

Borrowing Limits

Some material types do not usually check out to anyone. These include materials from the following locations:

  • Government Documents microform
  • Government Documents maps
  • Special Collections materials (University, Baptist, and Appalachian)
  • Reference materials including bibliographies, indexes, atlas cases, and dictionary stands
  • Materials in storage
  • Periodicals on microform
  • Newspapers
  • Items in Technical Services

In addition, there are some restrictions placed on some categories of patrons:

  • Media can be checked out to students, faculty, staff and families, and trustees only.
    • Undergraduate limit – 5
    • Graduate Student limit – 10
    • Faculty limit – no limit
    • Staff, families, trustees - 3
  • Periodicals can be checked out to students, faculty, staff and families only.
  • Lease books cannot be checked out to UT students, UT faculty, or Government Documents patrons.
  • Government Documents patrons can check out government documents only.

For those materials that can be checked out, the following restrictions apply:

  • C-N students & faculty – no limit (except for media)
  • Staff and families – 10
  • Trustees – 5
  • Alumni, parents, and pastors – 5
  • Government Documents patrons – 10
  • General Public – 3
  • UT students and faculty – 10

General Collection Books

The loan period is generally three weeks. The loan period varies before the end of each semester, and during holidays and vacation periods. Faculty members may keep books for a full semester, subject to recall if needed by other patrons.

A book may be renewed if there is no hold on the book. Renewals may be made online or in-person.

Reserve Materials

Books and other materials are placed on reserve at the request of faculty members in support of class assignments. There is also a collection of permanent reserve materials.

There are four types of reserves: one-hour, one-day, three-day and seven-day. One-hour reserves (Including permanent reserves) must be used in the library. One, three, and seven-day reserves may be charged at any time and are due by closing on the date due. Materials are never due on Sundays.


Periodicals are circulated to students, faculty and college employees and family. Student loan period is 3 days; faculty loans are for 7 days.

Reference Books

Reference books do not circulate. They must be used in the library only.

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