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Government Documents Collection

The Stephens-Burnett Library is an official depository for U.S. Government publications, maintaining a basic collection of government documents available for immediate use. The purpose for this collection is to provide a resource to the college community and local citizens who seek information about the policies and programs of the Federal Government. Publications are carefully selected in print, microfiche and electronic media to meet the needs of the library's clientele, and are circulated according to their location in the Library’s holdings. Reference service is available, and some questions are answered by telephone. Library patrons are referred to other depository libraries nearby (University of Tennessee or Knoxville Public Library) for materials not owned by Stephens-Burnett Library. When necessary, documents are borrowed through interlibrary loan to meet the needs of patrons. Documents are checked in promptly upon receipt and a shelf list is maintained for all publications.

  1. Periodicals received through the program are checked in, and then routed to the Periodicals Department where they are processed in the same manner as other periodicals.
  2. Selected monographs are cataloged and added to the regular collection.
  3. Microfiche are housed in a microfiche cabinet adjacent to the primary government documents collection. A microfiche reader is also located there.
  4. All other materials are arranged and shelved by the SuDocs Classification.
  • Superseded material is withdrawn according to Instructions to Depository Libraries (latest edition). Material no longer needed is sent to other libraries or discarded according to instructions from the regional library.
  • Statistics are maintained as needed for the Biennial Survey.
  • Questionnaires and surveys from the Superintendent of Documents are completed and returned promptly.

Modified: March 4, 1998 Library Personnel
Reviewed and approved: April 16, 1998 Library Committee
Updated: March 3, 2003 Library Personnel

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