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Computer Software Purchase

On November 19, 1992, the Library Committee reaffirmed the library policy regarding non-book purchases adopted on September 27, 1990, which states in part:

...purchases of non-book materials are for community use in the Stephens-Burnett Library, ...computer software purchases should be directed toward "information retrieval" resources rather than "information gathering" resources.

As further clarification, the 1992 committee also stated that "...such materials must either be housed primarily in the Stephens-Burnett Library or made available on the campus computer network." Application software, such as word processing programs, would not be purchased with library funds; only educational software would be considered.

Due to continued growth of, and implementation of technological advances in, the campus computer network, it is no longer possible for library personnel to install educational software in the Library lab. Installation of any necessary software must be handled by the University’s Academic Computing Division. Also, it must be noted that the intended use of the Library lab is for research and generally related applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet operations, creation of PowerPoint presentations, and use of WebCT. For these reasons, the current policy on use of Library funds discourages the acquisition of computer software. Furthermore, software purchased with non-library funds will be installed at a location other than the Library, at the discretion of Academic Computing.

The intent of this collection development policy regarding computer software is to promote consistent access to and support of material for the entire college community.

Recorded: November 1992
Reviewed and modified: March 25, 1998 Library Personnel
Reviewed and approved: April 16, 1998 Library Committee
Updated: March 3, 2003 Library Personnel

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