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Policy Regarding Circulation of Videos & Other Audio-Visual Materials

The video collection and the other audio-visual collections of the Media Services Center are for instructional use only. These materials have been purchased by the Media Services Center and various academic departments to support the educational curriculum of Carson-Newman University. Although some of these items have particularly intrinsic entertainment value, it is not the goal of the Media Services Center to procure or provide videos or other audio visual items for entertainment purposes.

For these reasons, the circulation policy regarding videos and other audio-visual materials is as follows:

  • Circulation of materials that are clearly for educational use will be permitted by students and faculty, but restricted to overnight use only.
  • Circulation of videos purchased to support the Film Studies and Foreign Language programs will be permitted, but restricted to use by students currently enrolled in those classes.

It is suggested that those wishing to view videos for entertainment purposes consult the local public library or any of the numerous video stores in the area.

Reviewed: March 25, 1998 Library Personnel
Reviewed and approved: April 16, 1998 Library Committee
Updated: March 3, 2003 Library Personnel

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