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2021 Doctoral Dissertations (Ed.D.)

2021 Doctoral Dissertations (Ed.D.)

Amburgey-Shuler, Elizabeth Megan.  A Comparative Study of Teachers' Education Levels, Experience, and Professional Development on Elementary Homework Practices

Betts, Kathaleen P.  Elementary Teachers’ Perspectives Regarding Best Practices for Parental Involvement

Brame, Jennifer Ledford .  Perceptions of Higher Education Health Professionals Regarding Academic Leadership Development

Carroll, Samantha Nicole.  Fourth Grade Student Experiences in Mathematics Assessment: Computer Versus Paper-Pencil Testing Modality

Dempster, James William, III.  Disconnected: Secondary Teacher Experiences with 1:1 Technology

Edwards, Amy Dianne.  Social and Emotional Consequences for Elementary Gifted and Talented Students

Franklin. Taylor L.  Core Secondary Teacher Perceptions of the Relationship Between Instrumental Music Program Participation and Academic Achievement: A Phenomenological Study

Goss, Saunya Valisa.  How Successful School Leaders Transform School Culture and Discipline

Hamby, Mark.  Teacher Perceptions of Digital Instruction in K-12

Henry, Melanie Denise.  Motivation or Mode of Instruction: A Qualitative Case Study of Teacher Influence on Sixth-Grade Students in RTI

Horney, Amy Storie.  Small Group Teaching: The Impact of Time and Strategies on Student Achievement in Mathematics

Huffstutler, Denver J.  Perspectives and Desired Supports of Elementary Teachers in the Implementation of Collaborative Team Coaching

Huskey, Lydia Mae.  The Impact of Instructional Method on Student Achievement: Blended Learning Versus Traditional Instruction

Johns, Jamelie Kangles.  Preferred Administrator Leadership Styles by Highly Effective Elementary Teachers

Klaus, Jessica Marie.  School Leader Behaviors Promoting and Sustaining Positive School Climate

Knox, Robert Daniel.  The True Cost of College: A Narrative Study of Stress Due to High-Stakes College Admissions Testing

Lamb, April D.  Identifying Teacher Practices that Lead to Positive Student-Teacher Relationships Through Distance Learning

Larmoyeux, Jon M.  The Effects of Participation in Band on Retention and Student Overall Well-Being: A Phenomenological Study

Levine, Jill Keegan.  Effective Support for New Principals: Administrator Perspectives

Luther, Brent T.   Identified Supports Needed by University Instructors to Shift Traditional Instruction to an Online Format

Magee, Andrew Jonathon.  Positive Relationships and Rapport Between Teachers and Students: The Effect Across Low, Middle and High Achievers

Parris, Jamason Ray.  Reflective Feedback and the Development of Positive Teacher Dispositions

Patton, W. Fitzgerald.  Music Educator Perceptions of Motivational Strategies in the Choral Classroom

Preudhomme, Melissa Annette.  Developing Effective Relationships with Nondominant Families: Teacher and Parent Perceptions

Sheets, Andrew David.  Teacher Perceptions of Instructional Best Practices in Distance Learning Education

Smith, Shanna Michelle.  Teacher Perceptions of the Current Realities of Cultural Acceptance in a Large, Rural School District in East Tennessee

Speich, Stephanie L.  Examining the Relationships Between Student Mobility and Academic and Behavioral Performance

Stanley, Jennifer Clemans.  Music and Reading Relationships: The Effect of Sixth Grade Band Class Participation on Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Walker, Kelsey Bailey.  “What We Do is Who We Are”: A Qualitative Study of Teacher Experiences with Low Evaluation Scores

Willis, Arthur C.  The Impact of Non-Traditional School-Based Interventions on High School Chronic Absenteeism: Student and Administrator Perceptions

Witt, Kristi M.  Social, Emotional, and Academic Impacts of a District-Run Prekindergarten Program Versus Head Start: Kindergarten Teacher Perceptions

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