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Graduate School Planning Timetable

Freshman and Sophomore Years

Talk to your advisor and make appropriate course selections, especially if your career goals will require graduate education. If you are uncertain about your career options, make an appointment with a Student Success representative. They are located in the Student Success Center (Library - 2nd Floor).


Junior Year

Research areas of interest, institutions and programs and specializations.

Talk to your academic advisor about application requirements.

Research and prepare for appropriate graduate admissions tests. Obtain information about graduate admission test applications and scheduling. Often, this can be completed online. Take graduate admission tests in the spring, if possible.

Obtain required letters of recommendation.

Seek opportunities to intern or do research in the area of study you plan to pursue.

Investigate national scholarships and/or fellowships.

Write for or download application materials. Prepare for possible admission interviews.

Visit the institutions you are interested in, and talk to faculty and students in the program you plan to enter.

Write your application essay. Ask your advisor or trusted faculty member to review what you have written.

Check on application deadlines and rolling admission policies.


Senior Year

Obtain letters of recommendation.

Take or retake graduate admissions tests.

Send in completed application deadlines policies.

Check out your Financial Aid opportunities.

Check with each institution to make sure your file is complete.

Visit the schools that accept you.

Send a deposit to the school of your choice.

Notify the other schools that accepted you of your decision, so that they may admit students from their waiting list.

Send thank-you notes to the people who wrote your recommendation letters and tell them of your success.


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