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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online social media tool where job seekers and employers can interact and network with their peers.

Why should I use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is free and it makes networking easy. And, how are almost 75% of all jobs found? The answer is networking. Job searching is hard enough, so why would you want to put yourself at such a disadvantage? More and more employers and recruiters are using LinkedIn to recruit talent.

When should I create my LinkedIn?

You should start when you are still in college. That way, you can start connecting with classmates, professors, and professional acquaintances that could lead to a summer internship, volunteer work, part-time job, or even a full-time job.

LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts

Have an appropriate photo. You should be alone and professionally dressed. Your picture should not be one of you at a party, in a bathing suit, or other common social media pictures.

LinkedIn is not your resume. Tell the viewer who you are – not just what accomplishments you have in chronological order. Be interesting and passionate.

Join groups that will let you connect with people who are in your target audience.

Personalize your connection requests. When you ask someone to be a connection, do not leave the typical “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn” request. Instead, customize your greeting. Examples include how you know each other, where you may have met, or if you both are members of the same group on LinkedIn.

If you are looking at a specific company, refine your search to include Carson-Newman alumni. They may be able to help you get your foot in the door.

Turn off notifications when you are updating your profile.

Do not treat LinkedIn like Facebook or Twitter.

To access LinkedIn, please click here.

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