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Transition to online/distance learning is new to many C-N students.  Student Success encourages you to follow the strategies for success to make a smooth transition academically.

Strategies for Success:

  • Establish a designated Study/Work space for "class time".
  • Structure a daily timetable - Schedule regular times to complete your work
  • Check your emails at least once a day (build into timetable if necessary.) This is THE  communication tool between you and your instructors.
  • Contact your instructor (or any appropriate department) if you have any questions or clarifications.
  • Know your learning style?  If not, then this is a great time to learn. 
  • Stay connected to your class peers. Join and/or create online Study Groups through Microsoft Teams (available through your Office 365) or Zoom -- both are FREE.
  • Utilize technology wisely. Free Academic Resources and exclusive C-N specific Resources and Tools are available at classic.cn.edu/academicresources.  
  • Stay well rested and eating healthy.

We are here for you!! For questions or clarifications please email studentsuccess@cn.edu.

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