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Academic Skills Enhancement

ASE provides support for students who demonstrate the need for remediation in basic academic skills as determined by standardized test scores. C-N ASE Program is overseen by Director, Joshua A. Bivens.  Students who are required to take at least two ASE courses will be advised by the Student Success Center until satisfactory completion of the courses.

Writing and reading classes are designed to prepare students for writing compositions (essays) and to improve reading and study skills.

  • Reading Skills (ASE 030*) is a 3 credit course offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.  This course focuses on comprehension and vocabulary development, listening, note-taking, test-taking and time-management skills.
  • Basic Writing Skills (ASE 031*) is a 3 credit course offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. This course focuses on reviews and development of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and composition (essay) skills and mechanics.

Math courses are designed to prepare students for 100 level college math courses.

  • Intermediate Algebra (ASE 034*) a 3 credit course offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. This course focuses on number system, basic operations and properties, equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, graphs, exponents and radicals, ratio, proportion, and variation.
  • Intermediate Algebra II (ASE 070*) a 2 credit course offered in the Fall and Spring semesters. This course provides additional skill development in college algebra. This course is taken with Math-120ST.

A grade of at least a “C” is required to pass the ASE courses, and any failed ASE course must be repeated the next semester.

In addition, students in this program will be required to take ID 120, Academic Strategies. This two hour course is designed to reinforce study skills, time management skills, etc. Students in the ASE program must satisfy all of the academic requirements of the University (see Academic Standing in the catalog).

*Hours are not degree credit hours and cannot be used toward graduation requirements. However, academic skills enhancement credit hours and grades are used in determining athletic eligibility (first year only) and enrollment status for financial aid eligibility when required by the University to be taken.

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