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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a copy of my student’s grades?

No. Under the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), we are not allowed to divulge information regarding student academic records without the written consent of the student. We encourage our students and their families to maintain an open line of communication regarding the student’s academic progress. Your student will have computer account on C-N Connect. They will be able to access their midterm and final grades on this site. They can sign a waiver form that gives the college permission to communicate with a student’s family.

Can I talk with a C-N staff member or faculty member about my student's academic progress?

Only if your student has signed a FERPA waiver form. We want to assist you in any way possible, but we must have your son or daughter's signed permission to do so.

If my son or daughter is having a difficult time with a subject, how do they get the needed assistance?

First, the student should visit with the professor. Our professors have scheduled office hours each week and are available and very willing to assist students. We also offer free peer tutoring and one-on-one assistance from our Student Success Center staff. Find out how your student is studying- joining a study group OR finding a quiet place to study might help.

Does my student have to declare a major in his/her freshman year?

No. We do not require our students to declare a major until the end of their Sophomore year (64 hours). Students who are deciding on a major will be advised in the Student Success Center until a major is declared. A counselor will work with the student to assist them in finding a major/career.

If my student decides to change his/her major, what are the necessary steps?

The student must complete a Change of Major form in the Student Success Center. He/she will be assigned a new advisor in their chosen major.

How many credit hours does it take to graduate from C-N?

For a typical Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science major, it takes 120 credit hours.

Can my student double major?

Yes, and many do. He/she will need to make that desire known to their advisor, so the advisor can make sure that all of the requirements are being met for both majors. A student may also choose to minor in an area. Many students do this to enhance their major, or just to study another area they really enjoy.

What are the Liberal Arts Core requirements?

All students who graduate from C-N are required to take several “core” classes. These classes are spread out in different disciplines such as English, Math, History, Biology, etc. The idea is that a student who graduates from C-N will have a broad- based education, and will be able to think critically, communicate effectively, and have gained a wide knowledge of various subjects. Most students complete their general education hours during their first two years at C-N and then focus more on their major area of study.

Will my son or daughter be required to take religion classes?

Yes. Each student must take one semester of Old Testament and one semester of New Testament as part of the Liberal Arts curriculum. We believe that, as a Christian University, it is important for our students to have a knowledge of the Bible and its teachings.

Is a meal plan required if my son or daughter lives on campus?

Yes. All students who live on campus must have a meal plan. There are several plans from which to choose to fit your student’s needs. Please refer to our Dining Services website for more information.

Does my son or daughter have to live on campus?

C-N is residential campus, and we believe that residence life experience is very important to a student’s university experience. Our students must live on campus until they are 21 years old, have junior status, or commute from home. Students who wish to live off campus must an “Off Campus Living” application, which is available in the Student Affairs office.

Should my son or daughter bring a computer to Carson-Newman?

Many of our students do bring a computer or laptop, but we have several computer labs available campus-wide.

How much do books cost per semester?

We estimate that books will cost $500 per semester. Students have the ability to rent textbooks through our bookstore.

How much spending money should my child need each week?

$20 a week is typical. Of course, your child will want more!

Does C-N have cable T.V. and phone hookups in the residence halls?

Yes. Each room is wired for cable, phone, and computers, and our entire campus is wireless. The costs are included in the room fee.

Can my son or daughter get a job on campus?

Yes, if they have received federal college work study as part of their financial aid package. They can contact the Financial Assistance office for more information about job placement.

Does my child need to apply for financial aid every year?

Yes. You will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year, in order to receive federal or state assistance, as well as any Student Loans. You need to complete this as soon after January 1st as possible.

When will my student find out about Residence Hall and Roommate assignments?

Typically, the Residence Life staff sends out assignments in June. This allows the roommates to communicate over the summer.

How do I get verification of enrollment?

You can contact the Registrar’s office at (865) 471-3204, and they will be happy to supply you with an enrollment verification letter.

How can an official transcript be requested?

We must have the student’s signature to release an official transcript. The student can complete a request form available in the Registrar’s office, or they can fax a letter of request. There is no fee for official transcript requests. In order to get an official transcript, a student must be in good standing with the Treasurer’s office.

Where can my son/daughter cash a check?

Our students can cash a check up to $50 per day in the Treasurer’s office. Many local banks have free checking accounts for students, and there is an ATM in the Maddox Student Activity Center.

Tell me about Community, Life, and Worship (CLW).

Students must attend at least 20 Community, Life, and Worship programs each year as part of their graduation requirement. Over 40 programs are offered each semester, and your student view the schedule on the Campus Ministries website. We have CLW’s on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30- no classes are offered at that time. We also give CLW credits for some plays, concerts, lectures, etc. during the semester.

Do you have Counseling Services available?

Yes. Our goal is to help students in successfully completing their academic programs by maintaining their psychological and emotional well-being. We have two licensed counselors available for one-on-one counseling, and they also offer support groups for different issues. All counseling is free and confidential. The Counseling Services office is located in the Kathleen Manley Center for Wellness and their hours are 8:00-4:30 during the week. They are also on call for emergency situations. (865) 471-3350

If my son/daughter gets sick, what medical services are available?

The Kathleen Manley Center for Wellness is open during the week from 8:00-4:30. The clinic is staffed by a full time registered nurse, and a Nurse Practitioner is available 20 hours a week. Patients are assessed, treated for minor illnesses and injuries, and referred by the college nurse for more specialized care when necessary. We also have a local physician in the clinic two hours a week.

What if my son/daughter needs medical help after hours?

If he/she lives in the Residence Halls, the Residence Life Coordinator needs to be notified. He or she will assess the situation, call security, and decide where to seek medical attention. Jefferson Memorial Hospital (a Top 100 Hospital) is about 2 miles away.

Does your nurse give allergy shots?

No. However, our nurse will work with your student to make arrangements at an appropriate medical facility.

How do I address a letter or package for my son/daughter?

Address your letter/package with the student’s name, C-N Box, Jefferson City, TN 37760
UPS will not deliver to a PO box, so if you need to send them a package with UPS or Fed Ex, please use 1646 Russell Ave, Jefferson City, TN 37760

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