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Top Ten Questions to Ask Your Student

Would you like to help your student find success in college?  Asking the following questions will help you as you guide your student in the right direction. 

1. Are you going to class?                                             

Skipping class is the #1 reason students fail.

2.  Are you studying at least 25 hours per week?

College is a full time job.  You should be in class, studying, and doing homework for a total of at least 40 per week.

3. Are you reviewing the material in your class daily/weekly?

If you review your class materials on a regular basis, preparing for an exam is easy.

4.  Are you making connections outside of class?

Making friends and joining in on campus activities is essential to a successful university experience.

5.  Are you scheduling your "goof off" time?

Everyone needs some down time, but finding a balance between work and play is essential.

6.  Are you starting your assignments early?

The unexpected happens- you get sick, your computer dies, etc.  Start assignments with plenty of time for the unexpected.

7.  Have you visited with your professors during their office hours?

Professors like to help students.  Making those connections early on can really pay off.

8.  Have you seen your advisor?

Students must meet with their advisors for class registration, but it's better to establish that relationship early on.

9.  Are you going to tutoring?

At C-N, we call them study groups.  Our study group leaders work one-on-one with students to help them understand various concepts.  Students love being able to ask questions to other students in a less intimidating environment. 

10. When is the last day to withdraw from class?

The last day to withdraw from class is several weeks into the semester.  After this date, the student will receive an "F" if he withdraws.


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