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Pathway to Success

The Student Success Center provides support to all C-N undergraduate students through a variety of proactive, invention, and recovery programs.  Our Academic Coaches connect with (1) incoming freshmen and transfer students through Academic Orientation and our MAP (My Academic Plan) program, (2) undergraduates who aren't meeting their academic goals at Midterms, and (3) any student on Academic Probation or Warning status.

 MAP - My Academic Plan   Midway Modification  Determining Your Destination 

MAP (My Academic Plan)

Our MAP program provides a roadmap for academic success.  MAP program is required for all students who are freshmen athletes, conditionally accepted, Warning and Probation status, and Midterm alerts. MAP packet is downloadable and available to all our C-N students.

Midway Modification

Our Midway Modification program assists all undergraduate students who aren't meeting their academic goals after Midterms.  The Program provides student outreach, Action Plan meetings with Student Success Academic Coaches, ongoing counseling to complete the semester successfully, and establishing a concrete roadmap through our MAP program.  All students with a D or F at Midterms will participate in Midway Modification.

Determining Your Destination

Our Determining Your Destination program assists any C-N student who is on Academic Probation or Warning status. 

Probation students are required to:

  • Establish an Academic Recovery Plan with their Academic Advisors at the beginning on the semester,
  • meet weekly with their SSC Academic Coach,
  • meet bi-weekly with their Academic Advisors,
  • participate in the SSC MAP program,
  • Mandatory completion of ID-121, 1 credit Academic Strategies Course taught by certified SSC Academic Coach. Students must successfully complete the course with a C or better as part of their Probation requirements.  

Warning students meet bi-weekly with Academic Coaches and periodically with their Academic Advisors. They are also required to participate in the MAP program.

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