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  1. John Kenneth Alpers

    Assistant Professor of Business
    P: (865)-471-3433
    E: jkalpers@cn.edu
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  2. Philip Bailey

    Assistant Professor of Business; Director of the MBA Program
    P: (865)-471-7174
    E: pbailey@cn.edu
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  3. Hester Beecher

    Professor of Marketing
    P: (865) 471-2048
    E: hbeecher@cn.edu
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  4. Benjamin "Ben" Billman

    Assistant Professor of Sport Management
    P: (865)-471-7124
    E: bbillman@cn.edu
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  5. Cassandra Catlett

    Associate Professor of Accounting & Director of the Bush Center for Entrepreneurship
    P: (865)-471-4802
    E: ccatlett@cn.edu
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  6. Shara Galloway

    Assistant Professor of Accounting
    P: (865)-471-3587
    E: sgalloway@cn.edu
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  7. Tori Knight

    Chair of Business and Professor of Economics
    P: (865) 471-2081
    E: tknight@cn.edu
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  8. Agir Kurmanj

    Associate Professor of Economics
    P: (865) 471-3418
    E: akurmanj@cn.edu
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  9. Doreen McCammon

    Assistant Professor of Business
    P: (865) 471-2064
    E: dmccammon@cn.edu
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  10. Sonia Miller

    Administrative Assistant - Business & Family Consumer Science
    P: (865) 471-3295; (865) 471-3316
    E: smiller@cn.edu
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  11. Heather Whaley

    Professor & Dean, School of Business and Family and Consumer Sciences
    P: (865) 471-3297
    E: hwhaley@cn.edu
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