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Excellence in communication contributes to success in all aspects of personal, professional and civic life. Rooted in the arts, humanities and social sciences and in the mastery of speaking and writing skills, programs in the communication department balance a solid grounding in theory and research with practical training in professional skills. The department faculty is committed to a liberal education in written, oral and visual communication, as well as equipping students for success in the fields of advertising, public relations, journalism, media arts, film and theatre. Additionally, the department recognizes its responsibility to challenge its students to adopt ethical stances in a rapidly changing communication environment and to become critical consumers of media products.

Our students discover ways to apply their knowledge and skills in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Along with class work, students undertake practica and internships that help develop and apply their knowledge in the working world. Most courses take place at the Jefferson City campus, but students can also do coursework and internships in a variety of locations such as New York, Washington and Los Angeles.

Our graduates work in fields ranging from media entrepreneurs to public relations for non-profits. Others are news producers and reporters for print, online and broadcast organizations. Some stay in the world of academia by pursuing graduate degrees and becoming teachers. Still others seek creative outlets as filmmakers and theatre artists and designers.


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