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From the Director

First let me express my appreciation for your interest in the Carson-Newman Theatre Program. It is a program with a proud and storied tradition, one that I am proud to have the opportunity to uphold and I hope you will join me in growing the legacy.

I take seriously my responsibility as an educator to nurture the collaboration and exploration that comes from embracing our individual gifts. As a theatre artist, I revel in knowing that everyone has something to offer to any given project. It is in the embracing of our differences that inspiration and true collaboration are possible. While there are techniques, methods and vocabulary that should be part of a theatre curriculum, the reason for theatre arts education should not be to mass produce well trained craftsmen but creators--a graduate inspired not simply by the product but by what they can emotionally and intellectually contribute in service to the project.

I believe theatre and education are collaborative efforts--people working together to create and experience something that is truly magical and alive. I strive to give every student the opportunity to experience success and see each endeavor as an opportunity to draw from the knowledge and energy of those involved to achieve that which may, at first, seem impossible. I believe in the unbelievable.

See you on the boards,

Kyle Biery                                                                                                                                                             Director of Theatre

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