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Faith and Learning Questions

In the Communications department, faculty and students explore questions that integrate their Christian faith with their course content. For example,

  • The First Amendment is a crucial part of the American Constitution and the foundation of press freedom. To what extent should a Christian support the First Amendment rights of people with whom they do not agree? What if the messages of others are threatening or offensive to people of faith?
  • How can a young Christian film or theater director tell stories of people seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God? How does the director best tell theses stories, in the context of a distinctively Christian environment or as salt and light in the secular film or theater industry?
  • How can a public relations practitioner best serve an institution or organization that has made a serious ethical mistake or violated the public’s trust? How can a journalist write a story in objective terms about which she or he has strong opinions? How does a copywriter in an advertising agency create a campaign for a product that she or he would never want others to use? How do the teachings of Christ shape professional conduct in public relations, advertising, journalism or other areas of communication?
  • How is the growth of social media influencing the spiritual development of individuals? How is it changing the church and reshaping what it means to share the gospel?

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