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  1. Kyle Biery

    Associate Professor of Theatre; Charles Fuller Endowed Chair of Drama
    P: (865)-471-3293
    E: kbiery@cn.edu
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  2. Mark Borchert

    Chair, Professor of Communication & Director of Film Studies
    P: (865)-471-3294
    E: mborchert@cn.edu
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  3. Chip Hall

    Director of Forensics & Associate Professor of Communication
    P: (865)-471-3443
    E: chall@cn.edu
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  4. Jerod Hollyfield

    Associate Professor of Communication & Film Studies
    P: (865) -471-3434
    E: JHollyfield@cn.edu
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  5. Anita Newport

    Administrative Assistant - Communication/Religion
    P: 471-3292, 471- 3272
    E: anewport@cn.edu
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