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Interior Design Student Work

Spring 2020



Spring 2018
INTD 350 Residential Design
Our Interior Design students measured, created a floor plan, and developed a remodeling plan for an assumed family who needed to provide space for an aging parent who is wheelchair bound. They presented their projects in digital board format.

Below: Lindsey McVey, Junior

Below: Elly Culp, Junior

Fall 2017
INTD 348 Kitchen and Bath Design
Below: NKBA Student Design Contest 
            Elly Culp, Junior

INTD 101 Foundations of Interior Design
from tape down to tack up
Our first year students space planned a 40' x 20' residential structure, specified furnishings and furniture, and created a furniture floor plan/reflected ceiling plan/elevation/perspectives of their design. To help them visualize the space requirements, they taped down their plan in actual scale.
Below left to right: Ro Collins, Alexis Andrews, Bealie Pate, Cheyenne Stratton, Zach Adams, Ro Collins, Madeline Cowart, and Martha Sanders. 

Taping down the actual size of the floor plan and

...touring the taped down floor plans 

 Below: Alexis Andrews 40' x 20' project 

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