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History and Political Science

If you are interested in history or political science, the courses and related experiences available to you at Carson-Newman University will serve as an excellent foundation for a wide range of interesting and rewarding careers and for successful advanced study in leading graduate and professional programs throughout the country.

The study of history is one of the key building blocks of a solid liberal arts education. Without understanding the past, we can neither understand the present nor prepare wisely for the future. Business, science, journalism, politics, the arts--every sphere of human endeavor takes on added meaning and significance when we understand how it has shaped and been shaped by history. Our goal at Carson-Newman is to help you learn to think in a historical manner and to use what you learn as a basis for making rational decisions throughout your life.

One of the new social sciences, political science, is the study of governments and governmental processes. As a political science major, you'll learn to observe people, the dynamics of leadership, and the consequences of governmental decision-making. You will become increasingly knowledgeable about the wider world, our political system, and the structure and function of government in the life of our society.


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