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Law and Policy Minor

This minor is designed for both pre-law students and for students contemplating a career related to the law. Law schools do not require specific coursework for admission. However, courses that enhance critical thinking ability and allow students to become familiar with case law and legal terminology are certainly helpful. Since there are legal aspects to almost every career, this minor will allow students to see how law shapes a range of public policies that are applicable to their lives.


I. BOTH of the following are required:

  • Political Science 101 Introduction to American Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
  • PSC 105 Intro to the Legal Profession (1 Hour)

II. Choose ONE of the following:

  • Accounting 201 Principles of Accounting
  • Business Administration 301 Legal Environment of Business
  • Philosophy 204 Principles of Logic and Science

III. Choose FOUR of the following for a total of 12 hours:

  • PSC 330 Law in American Society
  • PSC 335 Church/State Relations
  • PSC 336 Administrative Law
  • PSC 337 Contemporary Criminal Procedure
  • PSC 338 Women and the Law
  • PSC 339 Right to Privacy
  • PSC 409 Contemporary Issues in US Public Policy
  • PSC 438 American Constitutional Law I
  • PSC 439 American Constitutional Law II
  • PSC Internship (May be legal internship or other relevant internship related to law and policy) (Variable credit but only three hours may be applied toward the minor)
  • SOC 208 Introduction to Criminology
  • SOC 303 Social Welfare Policy
  • BAD 301—but only if another course is chosen under Part II above.

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