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My name is Afua Nuro Owusu-Baafi. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, but grew up in Ghana, where I attended school up to the high school level. After high school, I spent a year in Senegal, and it was there that I heard about Carson-Newman College.

My career at Carson-Newman began in 2004, and I majored in Political Science, with minors in History and Women’s Studies. After Carson-Newman, I attended The American University’s School of International Studies, where I obtained a Master’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Comparative and Regional Studies, and Gender Studies. I am interested in all things Africa. My main areas of research and interest are Refugee and Migration policy, particularly how they affect women and children in Africa. I am also interested in social and cultural development, and investigating the extent to which modernization and globalization have changed women’s roles in African society, and their current position in economic development. I explored the intersection of these issues in my final Master’s paper, “Across Borders: African Migrant Women and Work.” Another area of interest is African Literature, and it is incredible to trace African history and development through works of fiction. This year, my colleague and I will be launching compareafrique.com, to provide a discussion forum for people who are interested in the sub-continent. Individuals may submit comparative articles, which will be published on the website. We want to provide the opportunity for scholars to publish their work, spark thoughtful conversations about the pressing issues of today, and benefit from peer reviews.

I hope to begin studying for my PhD in the fall of 2012, and am currently applying to schools. I work at the Office of Children’s Issues at the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C.

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