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"Doing History" with AAHA! and the Carson Newman University History Program

Working in conjunction with the Bonner Center for Service Learning,the Carson Newman History program offers students the opportunity to work with our community partner AAHA! --the African American Heritage Alliance of East Tennessee. Through this unique program our students get real world experience in "doing history" which allows them develop and refine research, writing, and archival skills. Through this partnership students can

  • work on the Nelson Merry Oral History Project which is documenting the story of this historic African American school that operated in Jefferson City from the 1890's-1964
  • work with AAHA! members to maintain and document endangered historic sites and buildings related to African American history such cemeteries, schools, homes, theaters, and businesses
  • help identify and preserve historic documents and artifacts relating to the history of African Americans in Jefferson County and our neighboring counties
  • help design, build, and augment AAHA!'s website and digital archive of African American history in upper East Tennessee
  • help plan and promote AAHA!'s bi-annual regional African American history conference
  • work with census data to establish a demographic history of African Americans in upper East Tennessee
  • work on our digital photography documentary project
  • present their research and projects at professional conferences

For more information please contact Dr. Beth Vanlandingham, Associate Professor of History. (bvanlandingham@cn.edu or 865-471-3323.)

Students working with AAHA! can also apply for an  Americorps stipend for their work with this group.

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