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The Ball Institute for Church Music Publications


Readability of Hymn Texts, Baptist Hymnals 1970 and 1991. (1992). By Thomas Milligan. An aid in using hymns with children. Hymns are classified according to levels of reading difficulty and presence of figurative language. (Read Preface)

On the State of Church Music (1993). Edited by Thomas Milligan. Eight essays by scholars and church musicians in the United States and England. (See Contents)

On the State of Church Music II (1994). Edited by Louis Ball. Lectures by Louis Ball, Noel Tredennick, and Donald Hustad on changes in church music curriculum, the evangelical movement in the Anglican church, and the revolution in worship music practice.

On the State of Church Music III (1995). Papers and comments from the Symposium of February 21, 1995
On the State of Church Music IV. Worship: Unity or Diversity (1996). Lectures by William E. Hull, D. Brian Austin, and Wesley L. Forbis

On the State of Church Music V. Worship: Church Music in the Twenty-First Century (1997). Lectures by William Hendricks, Harold Best and Robert Webber.

These publications may be obtained free of charge at the Carson-Newman Music Department Office, or they may be ordered by mail for the cost of postage.

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