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At Carson-Newman University we do philosophy in the grand style, exploring the big and lasting questions that have energized and perplexed the minds of great thinkers since the dawn of human thought.

Why is there something rather than just nothing?What is the highest good for human beings?What are the reasons for and against believing in God?What is the nature of art and beauty?Do humans have free will?What is knowledge and what is its relation to language?What is human consciousness, soul, mind, self?

In addressing these and countless related qeustions we also make use of the tools developed in the more recent western philosophical traditions, particularly finding value in the analytic traditions, but not ignoring the insights from continental influences that have given rise to postmodernism.

In other words, by participating in the philosophy program at C-N, you will receive a broad and solid exposure to the greatest minds of the past and present and you will hone your own thinking skills in ways that will benefit you no matter what kind of career path you choose.

Philosophy courses have been part of the curriculum at Carson-Newman since its inception in 1851. We continue to offer a vital program, usually enrolling between 15 and 20 majors (a very substantial number compared to most small liberal arts colleges).

Many of our majors choose philosophy as a second major, since it provides an unparalleled complement to many other disciplines such as history, social sciences, pre-law, literature, and more. And since our major only requires 28 hours (9 courses, usually, plus the senior seminar), it can fit easily into curricula of many other majors. We also offer a combined philosophy/religion major, which incorporates a strong core of courses from each of the two departments.

Our graduates have gone on to great success in many different professional areas. C-N philosophy grads serve as physicians, professors, lawyers, corporate managers, writers, teachers, non-profit charity managers, ministers, and many other callings.

For more information contact Dr. Brian Austin (baustin@cn.edu).

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