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Physical Education and Exercise Science


The love of athletics binds us together.  Students join our department because they love sports, athletics, and movement; but find careers based on individual passions.  From teaching, rehabilitation, coaching, to sports management; our students have varied opportunities and careers in the worlds of athletics.

All of our programs have practicums and an internship in the students' chosen career field.  This is the critical element as we are able to utilize job placement to maximize educational opportunity.  From physical therapy, teaching, to a wellness center; our internships allow for an on-the-job, in-depth understanding of the career.  Our early placement practicums and the extended internship ensure students are prepared to excel in their chosen career.

Department Mission:  The department of Physical Education and Exercise Science's mission is to communicate and create knowledge about the management, pedagogy, and science of sport and physical activity.  As educated citizens, our graduates will preserve a successful ministry in their chosen fields as worldwide servant-leaders.  This mission will be achieved through innovative and engaging instruction, practical experience, service learning, scholarship, and professional service.

Commitment:  Our commitment is to offer students quality instruction, caring and nurturing advisement, effective leadership opportunities, meaningful college and community service, and other professional development opportunities.

Location: The Physical Education and Exercise Science Department is located on the first level of the Maddox Student Activity Center (MSAC) in room 1007. Additional facilities include an exercise science laboratory and athletic training room.

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