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Exercise Science: Emphasis in Coaching & Fitness

This program is designed for those who want to coach, train, and prepare individuals to improve their overall health and wellness. Graduates will become professional coaches, personal trainers, group fitness instructors and wellness instructors. Students understand not only the human body, but also how to prepare it for maximum performance considering varied ability levels.


Carson-Newman’s program is unique as it provides undergraduates valuable exercise science experience as students can work with the varsity athletic teams in technique analysis, data collection, and performance support.


Our service learning classes partner exercise science students with local teams, fitness groups, and individuals needing coaching to integrate classroom learning into community support. Partnerships include high school FCAs, elderly fitness, and children’s workouts.



  Liberal Arts Core  
LA 101SL  Carson-Newman Liberal Arts 2
REL 101 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
REL 102  Introduction to the New Testament 3
ENG 101  Writing and Literary Studies I 3
COMM 135 or COMM 230  Speech Fundamentals Interpersonal Communication 3
Math 201  Statistical Concepts and Methods 3
 BIOL 207  Anatomy and Physiology 1 4
BIOL 208 Anatomy and Physiology 2 4
   Studies in Personal Awareness 3
  Studies in Social Awareness
ENG 201 Writing Literature Studies 2
 ENG 301 Writing Literature Studies 3
HIST 133, 134, or 135  History
   ART 104, ART 210, ENG 310, FA 301, music ensembles, MUS 133, or TH 110
  Content Core  
 EXSC 104  Introduction for Exercise Science 2
 FN 214 Science of Nutrition 3
EXSC 215 Exercise Science Testing and Prescription
EXSC 245SL Principles of Strength and Conditioning 4
EXSC 312SL Exercise For Special Populations 3
EXSC 331  Prevention & Treatment of Athletic Injuries 3
EXSC 449 Strength and Conditioning Program design
BIOL 403 Physiology of Exercise
 BIOL 407 Kinesiology
EXSC 469 Exercise Science Internship
  Coaching and Fitness Emphasis Requirements  
PE 200 Personal Training Methods
PE 202 Principles of Coaching 2
PE 326 Concepts in Exercise and Sport Behavior 3
PE 360SL or PE 361SL PE 360 SLTeaching & Assessment of Individual & Dual Sports PE 361 SL Teaching and Assessment of Team Games and Leisure Activities 3
PE 335 or PE 311SL Ethical Consideration in Sport Sport as Mission
PE 402 Human Motor Learning and Performance 3
PE 406 PE 408 or PE 318 Motor Development or Sport Mechanics or Practical Skills for Professionals in Sport and Recreation Management 3
  Electives 20
  Total Hours 120 

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