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Wilderness Recreational Management Minor

The Wilderness Recreational Management Minor provides experience and knowledge to manage wilderness recreation settings and guide excursions. Students learn to lead experiences in hiking and backpacking, kayaking, high and low ropes, and rock climbing. Graduates become knowledgeable in managerial skills, leadership styles, and risk management to lead wilderness based groups and organizations.

 Degree Plan

PE 012   Hiking/Backing 1
REC 440  Wilderness Leadership 3
PE 052 Beginning Kayaking 1
PE 056 Rock Climbing and High Course Management 2
PE 407SL Adapted Physical Education 3
ID 213 Leadership Methods 3
REC 220 Recreation Practicum
REC 304SL Recreation Program Planning and Management 3
PE 318 Practical Skills for Professionals in Sport and Recreation Management 3
   Total Hours  20


Careers Without Cubicles

Enjoy a life of scenery, fitness, and 6 day weekends in the booming wilderness industry. Love your work as you lead excursions, manage outfitters, and facilitate teamwork in a ministry full of backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, and ropes courses.


Career Opportunities

Trail Guide Municipal Recreation Camps & Resorts 
Marketing and Sales Wilderness Therapy Adventure Courses
Government Agencies Experiential Training Environmental Education
Retail Outfitters Product Distribution Conservation
Wilderness Leadership Product Design Technique Instruction

Take your love of wilderness and adventure to a meaningful and life-changing career. 

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