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The Psychology major is designed for students interested in a broad-based, liberal arts education with a comprehensive introduction to the field of psychology.

It is highly recommended that students preparing for graduate study in psychology, theology, law, medicine, or other profession take an additional emphasis, minor, or major in one or more areas of the liberal arts: biology, math, computer science, English, philosophy, foreign language, political science, history, sociology, cross cultural sociology, art, music, environment & community studies, creative writing, film study, women's studies, international education & missions, Latin American studies, Appalachian studies, photography, management, or economics. Students with intentions of going to medical school should register early with the Health Professions Program.

Because recommended job and graduate school preparations can vary widely depending on career direction, CAREFULLY PLAN your course of studies by meeting regularly with your faculty advisor.

Coursework for the Psychology Major (30 Hours)

  • PSY 101:  Introduction to Behavior Science (3 hours)
  • PSY 102: Understanding Human Behavior (3 hours)
  • PSY 206: Human Development through the Lifespan OR PSY 204: Childhood and Adolescence (3 hours) 
  • PSY 213: Statistics and Research Design (3 hours)
  • PSY 301: Social Psychology OR PSY 318: Humanity and the Biosphere (3 hours)
  • PSY 302: Abnormal Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSY 405: History and Systems of Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSY 412: Senior Seminar (2 hours)
  • PSY electives (6 hours)

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