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Honor's Project - oral histories of racial integration at C-N


Oral Histories of Racial Integration at Carson-Newman College


The aim of this project is to collect and share information about the integration of Carson-Newman College.  For a variety of reasons, we do not have many records concerning this transition on our campus.  There is a link below to an essay written in connection with this project that sheds more light on the local, regional, and national events that surrounded collegiate desegregation. More is also found there on the methodology and process of producing this project. 

More importantly, the names below represent the individuals who agreed to share their stories.  Each person recounts their memories of being at Carson-Newman during the 1960s, when racial barriers were first broken on campus.  It is imperative for us to be aware of our heritage and the people who worked hard to build the legacy we share.  These oral histories were complied with the purpose of respecting the trailblazers and the pioneers of Carson-Newman's integration.  The interviews are able to accomplish this by putting the control of the story back in the hands of the ones who experienced it.  Their words and memories will define the way we understand the past and history of Carson-Newman.  

I would like to thank each of these interviewees for graciously donating their time and sharing their stories.  If you would like to participate in this project by sharing your memories, I encourage you to use the contact information below.


This is an Honors Project by Abi Parker.  Contact her at arparker@cn.edu. 

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