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The World Languages Department is located on the third floor of Henderson Humanities Building. Through the Liberal Arts Core Requirement we enable students to acquire the ability to communicate with, and have a keen awareness of, people of a culture other than their own.

Our purpose for the student who elects to pursue advanced study of language(s) is to provide specific knowledge and skills to enhance vocations and opportunities in areas such as business, social work, and Christian service. We also strive to foster a knowledge and appreciation of language as art in the form of literature.

In conjunction with the Division of Education, we strive to recruit and prepare superior language teachers to meet the growing demand.

Students wishing to enroll in world language courses at other institutions must secure advanced written permission of the department chair of world language at Carson-Newman University. Permission is not generally given for more than one course per semester nor for courses offered by non-consortium institutions.

The Department of World Languages offers two majors Spanish (the professional and the corollary major). A major and minor in Biblical Languages are offered through the Department of Religion. The professional major is intended for students who plan to study language and literature at the graduate level or teach the language. Literature is stressed, as well as skill development. The corollary major is communication skill oriented to complement majors in English, Business, Human Services, etc. and is offered only as a second major. Requirements for both are listed in this section.


For Professional [P] Majors and Corollary [C] Majors

  • SPAN 201 (3 hrs.) [P & C]
  • SPAN 202 (3 hrs.) [P & C]
  • SPAN 301 (3 hrs.) [P & C]
  • SPAN 310 (3 hrs.) [P & C]
  • SPAN 300- level courses excluding 301, and 310
    (6 Hrs [C]) (9 hrs. [P])
  • SPAN 400-level courses excluding 400 and 420 (6 hrs. [C]); (12 hrs. [P])
  • SPAN 420 (1 hr.) [P]
  • LING 220 (3 hrs.) [P]




*Students seeking certification to teach Spanish must enroll in a documented immersion experience, such as SPAN 309, 317, or a study abroad experience preapproved by the chair of the department.

*A student who begins at the 300 level will have six additional hours of electives.

Biblical Languages: The major in biblical languages is skill oriented and consists of at least 15 hours in one biblical language (either Koine Greek or Biblical Hebrew) and a minimum of 12 hours in the other. The major is designed as preparation for graduate study in biblical studies.

A minor in German, or Spanish consists of 18 hours, including  GER 301 and Ger 302; or SPAN 301 and SPAN 310; and excluding GER or SPAN 400. Courses below 201 do not count toward the minor..

The liberal arts core requirement in foreign language can be met in the following ways:

  • Complete a 6 hour sequence in any foreign language at the 100 or 200 level as determined by degree department. Students with prior study of a language are required to take our placement test. A recommendation of entry level will be made taking into account performance on the test and the number of years of study of the language. If the student follows a recommendation of placement in a 300-level or higher course he may, upon completion of the course with a “C” or better, petition the department for up to 9 hours credit for the exempted courses.
  • International students whose native language is not English can satisfy their requirement in the following ways:
  • score at least 600 on the TOEFL (paper-based test) or 250 (computer-based test).
  • complete one 3-hour course in English language or American literature after completion of ENG 101201.
  • complete 6 hours of literature in native language if applicable.
  • comply with the requirement for American students by satisfying either part 1 (201202 sequence) or part 4
  • (CLEP) in a language other than English or the student’s native language.
  • receive 12 foreign language credit hours by completing Level II of ELI, receiving recommendation from ELI, and
  •  successfully completing six semester hours Carson-Newman credit.

Advanced courses (300 level and above) are offered frequently and consistently.

Teacher Licensure: Those interested in teaching a foreign language in the secondary schools must meet certain requirements as specified by the Teacher Education Department.

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