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Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor

Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MARS) 

Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MARS) is the historical, cultural, and artistic study of time periods ranging from the fifth century A.D. to the mid-seventeenth century A.D. At Carson-Newman University, we offer an interdisciplinary minor in this field. This minor allows a deal of flexibility so that students can supplement their major with broad study of the Medieval and Renaissance world. Students can combine classes in art,music, history, linguistics, philosophy, English, foreign language, and religion to better understand holistically these time periods. A MARS minor would complement and enrich a major in any of these areas mentioned above.

The minor is built from 200 level or higher courses regularly offered at Carson-Newman College, i.e., courses dealing with Medieval or Renaissance topics. To ensure the minor’s multidisciplinary nature, students may use no more than two courses for their minor that would normally be applicable to their major. (For example, an English major could take two additional English classes and apply those classes to the MARS minor, but the additional courses beyond those two must be in areas outside his major. This variety will encourage interdisciplinary understanding.) The student must take a total of 18 hours chosen from the following: ENG 362, 423; GER 270; HIST 341, 333, 334, 437, 438; MUS 431; PHIL 304; and REL 438; any approved advanced course in English/French/linguistics/Spanish/German or religion (repeated with permission) that focuses on a Medieval or a Renaissance topic, genre, or author (e.g., ENG 340, 440, 451; SPAN 415; GER 415, REL 296, etc.).

Interested students should contact Dr. Kip Wheeler (kwheeler@cn.edu) or Dr. Mary Baldridge (mbaldridge@cn.edu).

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